ELEMENTUM Candelholder 4+4


Candleholder designed by Nikolaj Jørgensen, who, like us, is inspired by beautiful design with function. As elements composed of molecules, Nikolaj has created this candleholder that can be expanded with infinite links and tubes. The link is made of untreated European oak, which only becomes more and more beautiful over time. The black steel tubes are powder coated and has been conically turned in one end, which makes the (Kronelys) candle fit perfectly and when it burns out, it will turn of in the tube. The wooden plug at the bottom is removed and the rest of the stearic can be removed and the tube cleaned. Beautiful and practical design.

Available in two different sets, 2 links with three tubes or 4 links with 4 tubes, and a 1 link and 1 tube purchase set.

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