You should not have to compromise on design to get functionality


Candleholder designed by Nikolaj Jørgensen, who, like us, is inspired by beautiful design with function. As elements composed of molecules, Nikolaj has created this candleholder that can be expanded with infinite links and tubes.

The black steel tubes are powder coated and has been conically turned in one end, which makes the (Kronelys) candle fit perfectly and when it burns out, it will turn of in the tube.

The wooden plug at the bottom is removed and the rest of the stearic can be removed and the tube cleaned. Beautiful and practical design.

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NOSEY eyewear holder oak/black


This is our whimsical and practical eyewear holder in European oak or American walnut, that takes care of your glasses or sunglasses when not in use. The fine oak goes beautifully with the dark framed glasses and sunglasses and the warm walnut is beautiful with a bright or colorful frame. The holder is perfect in the bedroom, the bathroom or hallway. With his humorous expression and Nordic design our Nosey eyewear holder fits perfectly in any home. It is also a perfect match to both our watch/bracelet holder TIME-OFF and ring holders KEEPER.

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KIEL XL doorstopper walnut


The beautiful doorstop has now come in a XL version. If there is a little longer from floor to door, you must get KIEL XL for your home. With its 35mm in height, this doorstop can hold almost any door open. Of course, we have not compromised with the design, which still makes KIEL XL practical AND perhaps the world’s only nice-looking doorstop!

Height: 35 mm

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KEEPER ring holder oak 15 cm


A beautiful holder for your finest rings. The jewelry holders are designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind and is available as the other holders in European oak and American walnut. A ring holder for both the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom. They are great together as a small forest or as a standalone, showing your beautiful jewelry off. Available in 15 and 20 cm, and as a set with both sizes. Fits beautifully with NOSEY eyewear holder and the watch/bracelet holder TIME–OFF.

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TIME-OFF watch- and bracelet holder oak large


: A simple and practical holder for your watch or fine bracelets. The holder ensure that the watch doesn’t get scratched when you are not wearing it, and also shows your fine watch or beautiful bracelet neatly. The watch/bracelet holder, in it’s simple design, is available in two sizes and you can choose between European oak or American walnut. Stands perfectly on the bedside table or in the bathroom and goes beautifully with both the eyewear holder NOSEY and the ring holders KEEPER.

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WOOD-UP 65 cm plantholder shelf


Minimalistic furniture for your hallway or a beautiful flower-stand for your living room. WOOD-UP is made of fine European oak and has inserted dowels in each corner, an old technique which provides a beautiful and strong joint. The minimalistic frame shows your favourite plants beautifully or makes a great umbrella-stand in the hallway.

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PEN-UP valnød/messing


Pen holder with geometric tendencies that keeps track of your pencils and pens, so your desk is always tidy. Pen holder made from oak or walnut is another 60s-inspired product that fits perfectly with BRASS-DOCK Dock.

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WOOD-UP Mounted black


Take it one step further with your WOOD-UP. With this wall mount you can now hang your WOOD-UP on the wall. In the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the living room or under the mirror in your entrance. Only your imagination sets the limits. The wall bracket is easily mounted on the wall and then your WOOD-UP can be hung up and taken down, very easily and without leaving marks in the wooden frame.

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