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Pen-Up Pencil Holder

With our Pen-Up Pencil Holder you have the opportunity to keep track of the desk and create a decorative and functional solution for your pencils, scissors, clips, etc. This design is another 60’s inspired product that fits perfectly with BRASS-DOCK. In addition to acting as a pencil holder, you can also use Pen-Up to store your make-up brushes in the bathroom.

This design is available in several combinations and material, which are also featured in our brand. You can choose between oak and walnut, combined with either black powder-coated steel and brass tubes. All wood is produced in close collaboration with a company in Poland, and all steel/brass are produced and varnished in Denmark. Then it is delivered to us, where we check and collect everyone by hand. In this way, we ensure the fewest possible complaints and a high quality.

Are you interested in becoming a retailer of our designs or do you want to order one for your own use. You are welcome either apply within “Become a retailer” or find the nearest store or webshop online via our “Retailers“.

Should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us, we are ready to help you.